Cape Breton Partnership Property and Inventory asset Database

Screenshot of Capr Breton Partnership Land asset Database

This project involved the development of a regional industrial/commercial property inventory and asset database.

The system included a geographic information system (GIS), a scalable and searchable data repository, and an intuitive map-based web-interface – with cross-browser compatibility.

Prior to beginning the project, Scotia Logic (formerly AG Research) conducted an in-depth business analysis to determine the necessary level of detail to be captured, stored, retrieved, and displayed to end users.

Communications throughout the project were managed using:

  • A SharePoint project site that provided documents and previous versions as well as the project calendar.
  • Status meetings every two weeks to provide updates to the activities that had been completed and the activities that would be conducted next.
  • Meeting with the ‘Action’ team consisting of the project stakeholders at key milestones

This project followed the AGILE methodology, which allows work to be performed in shorter ‘sprints’ or work packages. This methodology allows revisions and iterations to be managed more effectively without impacting the overall project timeline.

Some examples of the changes and iterations encountered and managed:

  • A data provider changed their data format mid-way through the project. The system was configured to accept multiple data formats so the change was easily accommodated.
  • Branding was being performed by a third party company, while styling was performed by Scotia Logic. These two projects were occurring at the same time, so the system was built to allow the styling to be changed after development was complete to match the new brand.
  • The large stakeholder team resulted in not all individuals being available for some decision points. Using the AGILE methodology, these incidents were managed by completing alternate features while the decision was coordinated.