Custodian CMMS

Screenshot of web application for Custodian C.M.M.S.

Custodian-CMMS™ is an asset maintenance and management system. The prototype (called Curator) was developed using and Bootstrap as an in-house application to manage and maintain IT and CCTV equipment. It allowed the company to create a database of physical assets (equipment) to track deployment, condition, and maintenance records. It was successfully field-tested across numerous site between 2016-2019. Commercialization efforts began in 2019.

The commercial application, re-branded as Custodian-CMMS™, featured a refined and more intuitive user-interface.

In addition to developing and hosting the web application, Scotia Logic also created a 3-year business plan, marketing strategy, and library of support documentation including a web site with PDFs, videos, and a user-forum.