The line between applications and websites is getting a little fuzzy. Fewer and fewer applications are built to be installed on a local computer. It’s become common practice to integrate an application with a website – so the functions are features of the app are universally accessible, online, from any device with internet and a web browser.

We take on all web development projects – from simple, static websites to fully interactive online data-driven web-apps. Our websites and web-apps are always developed using the platform/technology that best suits the project.

Best-in-class Website Design

We pride ourselves on building beautiful, functional, secure, responsive websites – paying close attention to every detail – so your site makes the right impression with your target audience.

With over a decade of WordPress design expertise, our team customizes every site, ensuring fast load-times, safe browsing, and happy customers.

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Sailing CBI

Screen shot of website for Sailing CBI

The Sailing CBI website – designed and hosted by Scotia Logic – is a fully responsive, custom WordPress website and features on-line booking with a payment gateway. The website was built using the latest SEO best practices to increase both domestic and international traffic.

Keltic Furniture

Screenshot of website for Keltic Furniture

The Keltic Furniture website – designed and hosted by Scotia Logic – is a fully responsive, custom WordPress website, utilizing WooCommerce e-commerce plugin to showcase Keltic Furniture’s products. The product listing can be easily and securely added/updated by Keltic staff.

Custodian CMMS

Screenshot of website for Custodian CMMS

The website for Custodian CMMS – designed and hosted by Scotia Logic – is another of our WordPress websites. This website serves two purposes; Lead Generation and Customer Support. The Custodian website features a live chat function to engage new customers and discussion forum for support.

Web Applications

Cape Breton Partnership

Screenshot of web application for Cape Breton Partnership

The Cape Breton Partnership Land Asset Database web application developed using Microsoft ASP.NET framework, bootstrap responsive design, and ArcGIS geographic information system (GIS) server. The searchable system accesses a private database, and display details of selected properties on the map interface.

Government of Bermuda

Screenshot of the Bermuda Land Valuation web application

As part of the Bermuda Government’s mandate to create “paperless” departments, Scotia Logic was contracted to develop a bespoke and purpose built system, dubbed the MAGI (Mass Appraisal Geomatics Information) system. It was custom coded in Microsoft ASP.NET with responsive bootstrap CSS.

Custodian CMMS

Screenshot of web application for Custodian C.M.M.S.

Originally developed by Scotia Logic for in-house use to catalog assets and report service issues, this web-application was refined for commercial SaaS release. Custodian customer data is stored on a Microsoft SQL server. The application was developed in Microsoft ASP.NET, with Material-Bootstrap UI.