Bermuda MAGI Land Valuation System

Bermuda waterfront property

Government of Bermuda, Land Valuation Department

MAGI is an electronic mass appraisal system for the Land Valuation department of the Government of Bermuda.

MAGI is used to manage all property tax assessments and appraisals in Bermuda for residential, commercial and condo properties.

The core of the system is a GIS component which connects to the Enterprise Spatial Server (also developed by Scotia Logic). Features include a case management system, reporting, workflow management, and mass appraisal services. The system pushes updates to the Bermuda taxation office, and to the public website (also developed by Scotia Logic).

Scotia Logic performed the following services for the Government of Bermuda, Land Valuation Department:

  • Business Analysis of the required system
  • Design and development of the MAGI application and systems, and public facing website
  • Integration of MapGuide server for the mapping components with custom controls. Scotia Logic is currently in the process of migrating the system to ArcGIS server.
  • Development documentation including technical specifications, workflows business rules, help documentation
  • Post-development support
  • Ongoing development and enhancements under a service level agreement
  • Secure hosting of the MAGI application and public site.

Secondary contracts

In addition to the MAGI project, Scotia Logic has developed other GIS web applications for the Government of Bermuda, including:

  • Department of Public Works Water Metering System (WMS)
  • Department of Communication and Information (DCI) Project Tracking system