Mineral Administration Registry of Saskatchewan

screenshot of MARS - Mineral Administration Registry of Saskatchewan

MARS (Mineral Administration Registry of Saskatchewan) is an electronic registry for the issuance of mineral dispositions. The system integrates data from multiple GIS sources, as well as non-GIS data sources.

The system also includes functionality for managing mineral claims and validating the status of claims using multiple data sources.

Scotia Logic (formerly AG Research) performed the following services related to the design and development of the MARS system:

  • Business Analysis – user, administrator, legislative, and industry
  • Design of the solution based on the business requirements
  • Development of the end-to-end solution
  • An iterative development process with defined deliverables and milestones
  • Change management
  • Deployment support
  • Post-development support and a multi-year service level agreement
  • Ongoing development for industry changes, legislative changes and performance enhancements

In spite of changes in legislation during the development process, Scotia Logic effectively managed the change management process to ensure that deliverables and timelines remained on schedule and on budget.