There’s a better way to manage
your visitors’ contact information.


As the COVID19 pandemic continues, many businesses are required by law to keep a visitor log-sheet – to be used in the event of a COVID19 exposure.


  • It eliminates the pen/paper as a possible infection vector
  • It protects visitors privacy – because nobody can see their contact info
  • It reduces administration and record keeping at your location
  • It remembers and auto-fills your information – great for employees and frequent customers!
  • It provides visitors with reassurance that they will be contacted directly if they might have been exposed to COVID19.


  • Visitors’ contact information can only be accesses by an authorized NS Health representative
  • Contact info is used ONLY for notification in the event of potential COVID19 exposure
  • Mobile data is encrypted using a 128bit SSL certificate
  • Data purged from the system after 28 days

Paper contact lists pose a real risk to your business:

  • Staff and customers use the same pen – potentially spreading viruses/pathogens.
  • Businesses are responsible to keep customers’ information private. Paper lists can be easily read by other customers, lost, or stolen.
  • Contact collection takes time – adding many extra hours to the monthly payroll.
VisiLog™ private paperless secure contact collection service

With VisiLog™, guests use their phone to submit contact info.
No pen. No paper. No risk.

To launch a demonstration:
DESKTOP users, SCAN the QR code with your phone.
MOBILE users, TOUCH the QR code.

Your customers’ contact information is secure; only accessed in the event of a reported COVID19 exposure at your location.

Your customers will appreciate knowing that you take their privacy and safety seriously.


For only about 1-penny per visitor, monthly plans are based on the average number of daily visitors you expect at your business. All plans include the same features:

  • A unique QR-Code and contact form – specific to your location
  • Unlimited printable PDF notices for your visitors to easily scan and use
  • Secure transmission and storage of of your visitors’ private contact data
  • Guaranteed complete data deletion after 28 days
  • Contact lists will be quickly provided to the local / regional health authority in the event of a potential COVID19 exposure at your location.
  • Visitors’ contact data remains completely private and will not be sold, shared, or used for marketing or any purpose other than COVID19 contact notification and tracing by public health officials.

Let VisiLog™ take on the responsibility of protecting your visitors’ private information.

Lite Traffic Plan

$59. / month

Up to 150 visitors /day.

High Traffic Plan

$149. / month

up to 500 visitors /day

Heavy Traffic Plans

Custom pricing

500+ visitors /day

Get 25% OFF each additional location.

minimum 6-month service subscription.

To request a VisiLog™ demonstration, please complete the form below:

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