With more and more people working from home, cyber-criminals are more active than ever before – hoping to catch businesses off-guard. If any of your employees are working from home, you absolutely must understand that cyber-threats are real and pose a serious risk to your business, your employees, and your customers.

But we can help…

Budgets for small businesses are tight, so we have assembled three – very affordable – turn-key packages to protect your business while allowing your employees to work securely from home.

Each package includes a professionally configured router with firewall, a virtual private network (VPN), installation labour* and training.

VPN Package 1

Cisco RV160W wireless VPN router
Cisco RV160W Wireless VPN router

Priced from $749*, VPN Package-1 provides professional-grade security and connectivity for small businesses on a tight budget. Price includes the CISCO RV160W WiFi router, fully configured firewall, VPN for up to 10 users, installation labour* and training

Router: CISCO RV160W

  • SFP/Ethernet combination WAN
  • 4-port switch
  • 2×2 802.11ac wireless
  • Dual-core CPU for fast performance
  • Business-grade firewall
  • Designed and built for small business use

VPN Package 2

Cisco RV260W wireless VPN router
Cisco RV260W Wireless VPN router

Priced from $929*, VPN Package-2 delivers enhanced professional-grade security and web filtering, with faster connectivity and higher capacity – while still respecting budgetary constraints. Price includes the CISCO RV260W WiFi router, fully configured firewall, and VPN for up to 20 users, installation labour* and training.

Router: CISCO RV260W

  • SFP/Ethernet combination WAN
  • 8-port switch
  • Wireless 3×3 802.11ac WAVE2
  • Dual-core CPU for fast performance
  • Business-grade firewall
  • 1 year of web filtering
  • USB model failover
  • Designed and built for small business use

VPN Package 3

Fortinet FortiWiFi 30E wireless VPN router
FORTINET FortiWiFi 30E Wireless VPN router

Priced from $1299*, VPN Package-3 is designed for medium businesses with large teams (of up to 100 users), who need additional bandwidth to handle higher traffic. Understanding that increased traffic means increased risk, Package-3 is built around the Fortinet 30E security appliance and includes 1-year of FortiGuard UTM (Unified Threat Management) – backed by 1 year of FortiCare 24/7 Comprehensive technical support.

Router: FortiNet FortiWiFi 30E

  • High performance UTM — firewall, VPN, IPS, application control, web filtering, antivirus, antispam, DLP and more
  • Runs on FortiOS 5 — the most powerful security operating system in the world delivers more protection for fighting advanced threats and visibility with deep contextual information
Screenshot of FortiOS-5 network security management software
  • FortiGuard Labs offers real-time intelligence on the threat landscape, delivering comprehensive security updates across the full range of Fortinet’s solutions. Comprised of security threat researchers, engineers, and forensic specialists, the team collaborates with the world’s leading threat monitoring organizations, other network and security vendors, as well as law enforcement agencies.
  • Our FortiCare customer support team provides global technical support for all Fortinet products. With support staff in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia, FortiCare offers services to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes.

The fine print:

  • Prices as shown include travel – one trip – within our local CBRM service area.
  • Depending on the complexity and condition of your current network, additional labour and materials may be required. A written estimate will be provided for approval prior to the start of any work.